Learn advanced tricks from the best Logan Davidson, european pro skimboarders and Seventyone team riders!.

Our new Pro Camp will help you master advanced flatland tricks and progress your riding on features/obstacles (boxes, rails, pipes).

This is an international camp. You need to be at least 16 years old to register.

Limited number of places for the camp (12), to allow everyone to learn the most during the 6 days.

Photo and video sessions.

Seventyone team will be present at the camp and will give you tips on your riding style.

The camp will take place just before the European Skimboarding Cup in Germany at Pangea Festival.

Private, closed complex at Ruda Żmigrodzka in a beautiful location.

Specially designed skimpool.

Garden cinema, BB, bikes and nearby skatepark available.

Transportation from and to Wrocław.

Camp tshirt and a 20% discount on all Seventyone gear at the Seventyone shop till the end of the year.

Price includes:

Seventyone - SKIM.CAMP

Ruda Żmigrodzka

woj. Dolnośląskie

  +48 602770321

Szymon Bytniewski
Camp manager

Experienced camp manager, quardian and trainer. He will have everything under control at the camp and going according to plan. Further more, he will give you tips on how to improve your running technique ;)

Piotr Maciążek

Seventyone team rider, skimboarding instructor and guardian at the He will teach you how to properly drop the board, run and ollie on on every feature available!

Jędrula Tomaszewski

Seventyone team rider, Polish Skimboarding Champion, skimboarding instructor and the special ops guy at the